Dog Training

Dog training at K9 Instincts Inc. begins with a consultation with one of our trainers.

Board to Train

During the board to train program the dog stays at our kennel located at 160 Willow Lane in Portsmouth, RI. The boarding may last anywhere from a few days, 2 weeks or up to a month. A recommendation of the length of stay is made during the initial consultation.

The board to train program is very beneficial because it enables our staff to bond with and gain the trust of each dog while laying a solid foundation of obedience training. We believe consistency is the key to our training methods and find this program to be the most successful. Each day the dogs learn new obedience commands. We also work on social skills by having the dogs interact and play. Having the dogs together in social situations we also teach them to work in an environment with a lot of distractions.

We understand that training the dogs is only one half of the equation, the other half is training the owner. At the end of the board to train program the owner comes to our facility where we give a demonstration of what the dog has learned. We then train the owner how to handle the dog, teaching them the new commands and training techniques.

Once a dog has completed the board to train program, we offer many refresher training opportunities to the client. Any time the dog boards at our kennel after training, refresher training is included in the boarding fee. We will schedule follow up lessons, free of charge for any client who needs extra help maintaining the training the dog has received.

We stand behind our training 100% and will do what ever necessary to make sure the client is satisfied.

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