"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
--Roger Caras


The training that Duke and Dobie received at K-9 Instincts Inc. was exceptional. Each dog was treated individually and the trainers paid a lot of attention to each of their needs. As a result of the training, both of my dogs are very responsive to commands which in turn has allowed me to feel more confident in the handling of both dogs in any situation. After the initial training, the trainers even made personal visits to my house to see how my dogs reacted in their own environment and offered additional suggestions for remedying any problems. I know that without this training that my dogs wouldn't have the confidence and success that they do. Everyone should train their dogs with K-9 Instincts Inc., your dog will thank you!

Gail Abromitis

Dear Matt:
I rescued Ginger when she was 13 months old. She had obviously received no training from her past owners. She is a spirited, but stubborn dog with a tremendous amount of personality (a terrier). I tried other training programs, but they could not deal with some of her more persistent bad habits. I took her to K-9 Instincts Inc., after meeting one of the trainers. Ginger enjoyed the training and she loved the people. We use the K-9 Instincts Inc. kennel regularly -- Ginger actually runs to your door and scratches to get in. She loves everyone there and seems to have a good time whether in training or at the kennel. I would recommend K-9 Instincts Inc. for any dog

Janet & Ginger Moeller

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Rhody. I know that she had fun while working and learning with you. She is a totally different dog and much more enjoyable to be around. I cannot thank you enough for all you did. Hopefully we will see you soon. Thanks again!

Beth Walston

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