Our Philosophy

"There's facts about dogs, and there's opinions about them.  The dogs have the facts, and the humans have the opinions."

Our Training Philosophy

At K9 Instincts Inc. we treat each dog as an individual. We believe that each dog must have training formulated according to the differences in temperament, upbringing and environment. Our dog training programs are customized to meet the needs of each dog and owner.

We are very knowledgeable in animal behavior. By using this information and specific training techniques we are highly successful and make training fun for the dog and owner. Our goal is a pet that behaves reliably and is safe in any environment while they are with you.

Training at K9 Instincts Inc. is prefaced by a consultation with one of the trainers. During a consultation we do a basic evaluation by meeting the dog and owner. We obtain background information and establish what, if any behavior problems the dog may be exhibiting. In discussing the owner’s desires and expectations, we formulate a training program to meet their needs.

Our programs include the following; puppy management, behavior modification, private lessons and board to train.

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