Matt Betts (Owner / Trainer)

Matt Betts, the owner of K9 Instincts Inc. is a graduate of Pro Train in San Diego, California that started his foundation on a wide variety of dog training covering – basic to advanced obedience, competition obedience, guide dogs, service dogs and police K9 working dogs. His specialty is behavioral problems and understand the phycology of the dogs mind and behavior modification, and separation anxiety especially with dogs that most trainers don’t want to get involved with or understand how to successfully train them. He deals with a lot of aggression cases such as fear aggression, possessiveness, and territorial ness. His working dog experience includes police K9 , scent discrimination, bomb detection, narcotics detection, service dogs and personal protection dogs.

Before beginning his training facility in Rhode Island, Matt was a manager and trainer for facilities in New York, Texas and California. Since beginning his obedience training school in 1999, Matt has expanded his business to include a boarding kennel and breeding program. He currently breeds German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Malinois for working purposes as well as pet homes.

Matt is continually being sought after by other trainers and police agencies in the states as well as internationally to give seminars to others liking to learn more on proper dog training techniques covering areas: obedience, proper aggression training in the bite suit for police K9 trainers and handlers, as well as scent discrimination. 

Brittany Raymond (Manager/Assistant Trainer)

Brittany has had a passion for all animals ever since she was a young girl. She’s had the pleasure of growing up with dogs, cats, and horses and had grown a desire to work with animals for a profession. Since she knew she wanted a career involving animals, she decided to attend Bristol County Agricultural High School where she graduated with a degree in small and large animal sciences. She gained knowledge involving everything from husbandry to medical care of farm and small animals and even veterinary assisting. After graduating high school, she began her career as a veterinary technician in a small animal veterinary hospital. Over the next 5 years she acquired extensive knowledge in medical care of dogs; assisting doctors with everything from routine exams to intensive surgeries. While she thoroughly enjoyed the small animal medical field and teaching pet owners about canine health care, she knew she had a greater interest in animal behavior and was ready to explore. In 2009 she started working for K9 Instincts where she started training dogs with Matt Betts. In addition to managing the kennel, Brittany is now one of the top dog trainers experienced in puppy managing, behavior modification and police canines. She also assists with K9 Instinct’s breeding program and the nurturing and raising of puppies. Brittany’s natural ability to read and understand animal behavior, along with the experience she has had working with Matt and a variety of dogs, clients and scenarios, has made her successful in this profession. Brittany has also spent her life training horses and teaching riding lessons to others. Her passion is barrel racing where you can catch her at shows along the east coast throughout the summer!