Training dogs is similar to raising kids – there’s a lot of opinions on both! But dogs don’t learn, think or reason the same way people do. We see many behavioral issues from owners trying to “humanize” their dog with their own emotions and rationale which only creates mixed messages and unwanted behaviors. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to positive vs. negative reinforcement or reward vs. punishment. At K9 instincts, our training involves a balance of praise and correction to achieve a well-behaved dog that is an enjoyable member of the family. Our techniques have proven to be highly successful for both owners and dogs that create a rewarding relationship. Initially we schedule a consultation at our facility to meet your dog and properly evaluate their temperament. Each dog is unique in its upbringing, attitude and home environment, therefore, it’s important for us to fully understand the dynamic between you and your dog to customize a training program just for you.
Dog looking up
Large poodle
Long Hair Lab